Hi, Everybody...!


I'm Yukie...:)

I'm a Nia Teacher and Yoga Teacher (RYT500).

I have been teaching Nia and Yoga in Japan (close to Tokyo).


I first took a dance class, when I was 3 years old. It was a Modern Ballet. I love to dance, probably since I was born.  Dance always makes me happy and joyful....!!  So every dance lesson was really special moment for me.


I took a Classical Ballet, Jazz Dance and Modern Jazz Dance class, at the same time I wanted to know  'Why dance makes me happy and joyful?' , 'What's the benefit of dance heal my body and mind ?'... I really wanted to know about that...


So I studied about Psychology and Dance Therapy in university. Then I had an injury my left inner thigh, so I had to quit dance. I think that overworked for me, then I took so many dance classes so I didn't listen to my voice from my body.


After graduation, I worked a flower company. But I wanted to dance again..... and I thought that 'I can't dance like before but I want to study about body and mind more deeper'. So I took a yoga teacher training. It was a good opportunity for me, because I could study about anatomy,  yoga philosophy and more, at the same time I've started thinking about my health and holistic lifestyle. Then I met Nia. 


I first took a Nia class and I felt 'This is it....!!!'  'This is exactly what I had been looking for a long time....!!' 'I found it...!!', these were my voices from my body, mind and spirit. I immediately fell in love with Nia.


Nia is so wonderful, because I didn't feel physical pain when I was dancing Nia. I can't stretch my left inner thigh like before, but I felt great...!! And I've thought that want to study and practice Nia more deeper and deeper. I had taken a Nia class for 3 years and after that I took a Nia white belt training in USA, 2017.


My trainer is Winalee Zeeb, she is so amazing trainer. At the first training day, she said ' You can choose every moment', 'Sense your voice from your body and choose a movement to be more comfortable. You can be more happier and joyful every moment. Pain is a message from your body'.  I've felt that my body knows the answer what is good for myself, so I think that it's important for me to thank my body, heal my body and LOVE my body. And I think that it connect to my life too. I can say that life is same, because I can choose every moment to be more happier, joyful and healthy, better than better. Nia isn't just a workout, more than that.  That is Nia...!!


I'd like to share my Nia experiences. Unfortunately there are hardly any Nia teachers in Japan, as Nia is still very much unheard of in this country.  So I'd like to share this wonderful Nia technique with the people who need it.


If you are looking for Nia and Yoga class in Japan, please feel free to contact me...!!


I'm looking forward to seeing and dancing with you....!!!


Yukie Iijima | Nia Teacher Profile (nianow.com)


・Winalee Zeeb Nia White Belt Training

Japan Dance Therapy Association certified Dance Therapy Leader
・Yoga Alliance 500H Teacher Training
・Leza Lowitz Restorative Yoga 20-Hour TTC

・Sara-Shivani Rolling Restorative Yoga 10-Hour TTC

・arati certified Yoga Instructor for senior TTC

・sakura yoga certified Bilingual yoga TTC

・Quest certified Art Work Therapist